My interest in coin rings started as a young boy when my father, Lawrence Stoffel, told me while in the Navy he would make rings by tapping a silver coin on the reeded edge with a tablespoon. Years later I found one like that with my metal detector while visiting my folks for Thanksgiving. I showed it to my dad and he showed me how it was done. It takes hours of pounding to make this type of ring and all you end up with is a smooth silver ring with the date on the inside of the ring. I soon lost interest. At a later time I saw my first double sided coin ring, like the ones we now make. I was instantly drawn to this style of coin ring and I had to learn how to craft these beautiful pieces of coin art. It has taken a lot of time, trial, error and expense to finally learn how to master the craft of making double sided coin rings. 
  I am now retired and my son has invited me to join him in Redding California. We have set up a small work shop and I have taught Andy how to craft the rings as a way to help pay his way through Bible college. He has his 4 year degree at this time. (summer 2011) Andy is a natural at making coin rings and really enjoys making them. Between the two of us we have engineered some very good techniques and tooling and are always trying to improve our skills and ability to produce a quality, one of a kind piece of coin art.

Andy has worked with the youth in his church for many years. He is now 40 yo and Attending Simpson University in Redding California to become a youth pastor. As of May 2011 he has graduated with a 4 year degree. As of May 2012 he has about 1 more year of study  to get his masters degree. Andy believes the way to get close to kids is through music and he will specialize in the musical youth ministries. We have always been close and have shared many of the same interest and friends. We were part of a jam band in the Pacific NW and had built two recording studios while in that area. We still have a lot of musical and recording equipment stored away. When Andy finishes school we hope to build another sound studio where he can work with the youth. Kids seem to flock to him and he relates to them very well. He has also been a mobile DJ and knows many styles of music.

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